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State / Church Separation

Boy Scouts Illinois License Plates Hearing
Rescheduled to Tuesday, March 15th, at 2:30 PM

(Posting date for this message:)  Monday, March 14, 2005

      As reported in the March 7th edition of State/Church Separation, the Illinois Senate is considering legislation to create Boy Scouts specialty license plates for cars and light trucks.  The legislation would also provide that twenty-five tax dollars be donated to the Boy Scouts for each license plate that is either created or renewed.  For background on this issue, read the March 7th edition of State/Church Separation.

      A hearing on Senate Bill 1813 was scheduled for last Tuesday.  I traveled over 200 miles, each way, to testify at the hearing, but due to a long agenda, the Senate ran out of time to conduct hearings on all of the bills that were scheduled for that day.  The hearing on SB 1813 was postponed.

      The new date for the hearing on SB 1813 is Tuesday of this week, March 15th, at 2:30 p.m. in Room 400 of the Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.  I will travel again to Springfield to testify against the Bill, making it three trips to Springfield in three weeks.

      I ask that you either join me there or help me to pay for the cost of the trip.  I asked the same thing last week and received one contribution for $50.  Thank you very much.  I ask that others show up and/or chip in this time.

      Politics in Springfield works on the basis of two things:  merit and popularity.  If a Bill lacks merit but is perceived to be popular, the Bill has a greater chance of passage than if a Bill, which lacks merit, is perceived to be unpopular.  That's why it's so important for you to show up with me.  We need to demonstrate to the members of the Illinois Senate Transportation Committee that I'm not the only one in America who opposes this Bill.  We do that by having a number of people show up to testify against the Bill.  If it's just me, the chances of stopping the Bill decreases significantly.

      The opportunity is there, this week, for you to have a real impact on atheist civil rights in this nation, because if Boy Scouts specialty license plates and direct donations of state tax dollars to the Boy Scouts are approved here, it will spread like cancer to every other state in the union.  Sure, annual atheist convention parties are a lot of fun, but if you can afford the thousand dollars or so to do that, surely you can afford to financially participate, at least to a limited degree such as twenty-five or fifty dollars, in accomplishing the type of thing that is only talked about at the annual atheist conventions.  Please spend some of your money on joining me in Springfield on Tuesday, or help defray some of my costs for doing this in your behalf.

      And have fun at those atheist conventions, later this month.  After three trips to Springfield in three weeks to stop anti-atheist legislation (see also the February 28th edition of State/Church Separation) and only fifty dollars in contributions to offset the cost of those three trips, the money that I would have spent going to the convention is gone.  I won't have the money to party with you because I used it for a different, better purpose, achieving victories for all of us but doing it single-handedly for you.

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