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         Tuesday, January 22, 2013        

US Supreme Court denies review of
Bald Knob Cross case from Sherman

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The US Supreme Court today denied my petition for review of the case in which the State of Illinois forced atheist and other taxpayers to donate $20,000 towards the cost of rebuilding the 110-foot-tall Bald Knob Cross of Shame in southern Illinois near Carbondale.  See Page 2, case # 12-621, on today's Order List from the US Supreme Court.

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This action by the Supreme Court affirms the our nation's court system is a complete joke.  The Supreme Court has said that, if this type of grant was made directly to the grantee by the Legislative Branch, it would be unconstitutional.  However, if the very same grant is made to a grantee by an Executive Branch agency, all of a sudden the grant is constitutional, because the Executive branch of government supposedly has "Executive Discretion" to violate our rights with impunity when making unconstitutional expenditures to advance religion.
Today's refusal to take my case means that any Legislative body, whether it be Congress, a State Legislature or a local unit of government, can make blatantly unconstitutional grants to advance religion simply by naming an Executive Branch agency as the middleman in the transaction.

My case sought to have the Supreme Court establish that the constitutionality of expenditures of public funds shall be based on how the government spends our money, rather than on which branch of government makes (or claims credit for making) the expenditure, but the Supreme Court said, "No!"  Instead, the Supreme Court has established that, now, both the Legislative and Executive Branches of government can make blatantly unconstitutional, so long as the Executive Branch is involved, either as the originator of the unconstitutional grant or as the middleman for an unconstitutional grant by the Legislative Branch.

What a joke!  What a fraud against the taxpayers of this country.  Our nation's court system is a truly a House of Fraud.

This is bad government.  The Supreme Court should be issuing decisions that compel the Executive and Legislative branches of government to abide by the Constitution, rather providing the other two branches of government with a simple roadmap for violating and defying the Constitution with impunity.

People from around the world, most recently from Ecuador, have told me how obvious it is to them that this grant was unconstitutional, but the mighty US Supreme Court continues to maintain its "Hear no evil, see no evil" approach to blatant constitutional violations.

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