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         March 20, 2011        

Incumbent desperate to be
"Village Clerk for Life"

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In yesterday's edition of Rob Sherman News, I told you about a newspaper article in which my opponent in the Village Clerk race, Jan Sirabian, confessed to management by temper tantrum.  According to that same newspaper article, Jan wants to be Village Clerk for life.

Jan is quoted in the last sentence of the article as saying, "I've always said I'll do it for as long as I can."

Jan, you don't own that job.  You've done it, now, for 32 years.  It's time to get some other life experiences.  Quick, Jan, before it's too late, and time is running out.

Jan Sirabian and Rob Sherman, as pictured in
the Daily Herald on October 12, 2010, in their story
Atheist activist Rob Sherman to challenge Buffalo Grove clerk.

Jan is 70 years old, or will be very soon.  Usually, when a person gets older, the memory and the stamina diminish very gradually with time.  It happens to just about all of us, Jan, and will likely happen to me when I'm in my 70's, just like it's happening to you, now.

While Jan may believe she hasn't lost a step, we've already seen the beginning signs of decline.  The lost keys to Village Hall.  The lost tape of the Executive Session.  The clumsy release to the public of that confidential e-mail, earlier this month, in which Jan verbally attacked me for supposedly grandstanding because I discretely, behind the scenes and with no publicity, made efforts to look out for the health of Buffalo Grove residents by trying to get the Village Board to join my campaign to stop legislation in Springfield that would prohibit our Health Department from monitoring sanitation at our Farmers' Markets.

What else is going to happen, next?  What if, the next time Jan screws up, it's really damaging to the Village?

What if, the next time Jan accidentally release to the public a confidential e-mail in which she disparages somebody, that person sues the Village for millions of dollars for slander?  That could cost us taxpayers of Buffalo Grove millions of dollars in damages.  Everybody's taxes would go up, because of Jan.  It's financially dangerous to have Jan around, any longer.

These signs of forgetfulness aren't your fault, Jan.  It's not intentional on your part, Jan.  It happens with old age.  It's simply a part of getting older, Jan, so I forgive you, Jan.

However, as an organization which has to protect itself from needless exposure to liability, the Village of Buffalo Grove must have somebody in place as Village Clerk whose ability to do the job won't fade over the four-year term of office, during which time the Village is stuck with that person because she won't give it up.

We've all seen that sort of thing in professional sports, where an athlete continues to desperately hold on to his place on the roster because that's all he knows how to do in life, even after his skills or ability have declined, markedly.  The difference, though, in professional sports, is that the coach can release the guy, at any time, on one day's notice.

When you're elected, we're stuck with you for four years, regardless of how much your skills decline over that time, unless you choose to go.  Jan has made it clear that she's not going to go until she's forced to leave.

The time to give it up is before you embarrass yourself, further, Jan.  The time to give it up is when you have a very capable replacement -- me -- willing and able to take over for you and fully capable of doing the job well.

Few people know this Village as well as both you and I do, Jan.  You're an expert on our Village, Jan, but so am I.  I've been here for 27 years and have been fully engaged in all aspects of Village life, including Village government, the whole time.

Not only that.  There are things that I clearly can do better than you:  Innovation.  The internet.  Excellent relations with elected officials across the state and country, including Springfield and Washington, which could come in really handy if we need or want something.

It's time for the voters to help Jan find out that there's more to life than being Village Clerk.  Help our 70-year-old Village Clerk (give or take a few days) to extricate herself from that boring job and to get out and do some living, while there's still time.

Help Jan find out that there's more to life than being Village Clerk.  Vote for Rob Sherman for Village Clerk.

Jan will thank you, later.  So will I.

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