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         March 19, 2011        

Unprofessional Buffalo Grove Village Clerk
confesses to management by temper tantrum

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In a stunning admission, my opponent in the Buffalo Grove Village Clerk race, Jan Sirabian, confessed in a newspaper article, two days ago, that she threw a temper tantrum and wrote "the bare minimum" in her Minutes of Village Board meetings when a Member of the Village Board questioned the completeness of her Minutes.

Jan confessed that she threw a temper tantrum and essentially went on strike, last year, by refusing to record Minutes that provided a "summary of discussion," as required by Section 2.06(a)(3) of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, when former Trustee Lisa Stone questioned whether Jan's Minutes should provide more detail.

In retaliation for Lisa expressing her heart-felt concerns, Jan confesses that she intentionally wrote sub-standard Minutes that essentially said, "We talked.  Then we went home."  So much for Jan's frequent claims of professionalism.

In the newspaper article, entitled Buffalo Grove Village Clerk's race:  'Boring job' attracts heated campaign by ace reporter Ronnie Wachter in this week's Buffalo Grove Countryside, Jan confessed that she deliberately screwed up the Minutes of meetings, last year, in retaliation against criticism of her Minutes by Lisa.  According to the Countryside article, Jan confessed that "the details of her minutes have fluctuated greatly in recent years, at one point ballooning to around 14,000 words, then collapsing until she recorded half-hour debates as 'discussion ensued.'"

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In the article, Jan explained her temper tantrums this way:  "I said, 'OK, I'm not going to do anything,'  I just got tired of fighting it, so I went to the bare minimum."

You can't do that, Jan!  You can't throw a temper tantrum and screw up the Minutes, just because somebody, in good faith, thinks that you haven't done your job well enough.  Jan demonstrates that she is unworthy of re-election, regardless of what happens on April 5th, and that she has the maturity of an adolescent in middle school by throwing temper tantrums as her response to criticism.

Jan, you can't throw a temper tantrum, go on strike and screw up the Minutes of Village Board meetings, just because you don't like what one Trustee says about the completeness of your work.  A real professional, such as myself, would provide the best quality Minutes one is capable of, regardless of whether or not somebody is questioning the completeness of the work.

I would do the best job that I'm capable of, regardless of whether I received criticism from some well-meaning Trustee and regardless of whether I felt the criticism had merit.  That's why I'm running for Village Clerk:  To do the job in a professional and complete manner, each and every time, without fail.

Yes, taking Minutes is a "boring job."  No, being Village Clerk is not exactly the job I aspired to when I was growing up, but since Jan cannot be relied upon to provide consistent quality and to not throw a temper tantrum whenever she feels like it, and since nobody else is willing to do the job, I'll take that job and do it right, every time, and not just when I feel like it, as our unprofessional incumbent does.

I take no position on whether or not Lisa's criticism of Jan's Minutes was valid, because it doesn't matter whether or not the criticism was valid.  The only thing that matters is whether or not Jan did the best job she could, at all times, and by her own confession, Jan did not.

Jan confessed that she threw a temper tantrum and did not do the best job that she could, but now that she has an opponent in the race for Village Clerk, all of a sudden she's decided that she better shape up or the voters will ship her out.  "Now, I'm back to doing what I used to do," she said of record-keeping after Stone's recall. "If somebody talks for five minutes, I'll condense it into a paragraph."

That's not good enough, Jan.  It's not good enough to go "back to doing what [you] used to do," just because the person who questioned your work is no longer able to do so, or just because you have an opponent in an election.

What will you do in the future, Jan, if somebody questions your Minutes or criticizes you for some other reason, when you aren't up for re-election?  Will you throw another temper tantrum, Jan?  Will your next temper tantrum be even worse than last year's?

The residents of Buffalo Grove can't be left with an unprofessional Village Clerk who decides the quality of job she is going to do based on her personal feelings on any given day or based on whether or not she has an opponent in an election.  We need somebody who will act professionally every day, every time.

That candidate is me.  The voters should elect Rob Sherman for Village Clerk of Buffalo Grove.  I'll do the job in a professional manner every time.  The incumbent, by her own admission, has failed to do that.  Instead, she's thrown temper tantrums.

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