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         March 10, 2011        

Dirty Tricks Jan attempts to sabotage
efforts to protect health of BG residents

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Buffalo Grove Village Clerk Jan Sirabian, now known in cyberspace as "Dirty Tricks Jan," attempted, last week, to sabotage the efforts of a prominent Village resident to protect the health of Buffalo Grove residents from a bizarre and unwise proposal in Springfield.

At issue was a request by the resident -- me -- for the Village Board to adopt a resolution that would have opposed a Bill, pending in Springfield, that would prohibit the Buffalo Grove Health Department, as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health, from monitoring sanitation, food handling or food storage practices at our popular village-run Buffalo Grove Farmers' Market.

Last week, I sent this e-mail to Village Manager Dane Bragg, with a copy to the entire Village Board ( including Dirty Tricks Jan.  I felt that it would be appropriate to keep Jan in the loop on all matters of Village business, even though she is my opponent in the Village Clerk election next month.  I would never politicize the health of Buffalo Grove residents, so Dirty Tricks Jan got a copy, just like everybody else.

The e-mail expressed concern about House Bill 1483, which would endanger the health of Buffalo Grove residents by blocking both the State and local Health Departments from supervising sanitary practices at our Farmers' Market.  I included as an attachment a copy of Illinois Department of Public Health Technical Information Bulletin 30 ("TIB30"), which "provides regulatory guidelines for foods often found at farmers' markets and other food events.  It also provides information regarding some of the risks involved with various foods often distributed at farmers' markets and similar venues, and contains basic guidance regarding safe transportation, delivery and display of foods."

After all, if the Health Department isn't watching out for the risks identified in TIB 30, such things as making sure that hot foods stay hot enough, cold foods stay cold enough, workers wash their hands and food is stored off the ground, who would be watching?  Dirty Tricks Jan?  I doubt it.

Dirty Tricks Jan responded to my e-mail by secretly working, behind the scenes, to sabotage my efforts to have this significant matter pertaining to the health and welfare of Buffalo Grove residents heard by the Village Board.  Dirty Tricks Jan sent out this e-mail, in which she characterized my concern about this legitimate issue as "grandstanding."

Here's what Dirty Tricks Jan said in her e-mail:  "Please tell me that we are not going to cater to his grandstanding."

Dirty Tricks Jan attempted to send her e-mail to the Village Manager, but she is so incompetent that she sent the e-mail, ridiculing me, to me instead of to the Village Manager.  Dane never even got the e-mail, until I personally handed him a copy of the mis-directed e-mail, and this isn't the first time that I've had to clean up after one of Jan's messes.

As I indicated in the sixth paragraph of the previous edition of Rob Sherman News, one of the two most important jobs of the Village Clerk is to safeguard documents by making sure that they don't get lost and by making sure that they don't get into the "wrong" hands.  Instead of sending an obviously secret communication to staff, she clumsily released it to the public.

The other most important job of the Village Clerk is to provide Minutes that provide a "summary of discussion" of what takes place at Village Board meetings.  I written extensively about how Dirty Tricks Jan fails to provide Minutes that reveal, rather than Minutes that conceal, so now Dirty Tricks Jan has demonstrated that she can't be trusted to get it right when doing either of her two most important jobs.

Dirty Tricks Jan boasts, in the Questions and Answers portion of her Daily Herald Candidate Survey that, since she is a professional, she does "not believe it is appropriate for me to answer this question" regarding what Village policy should be.  Yet, when it comes to a significant matter regarding the health and welfare of Buffalo Grove residents, Dirty Tricks Jan wants to have the only vote.

In other words, Dirty Tricks Jan lied.  She's not an impartial professional when it comes to being Village Clerk.  She only pretends to be an impartial professional in order to fake out the public and get votes.

How dare Dirty Tricks Jan place politics ahead of the health and welfare of Buffalo Grove residents?  Jan clearly is more concerned about pulling dirty tricks to win re-election than she is about the welfare of Village residents.

Besides, by me handling this matter via e-mail to the Village Manager and the Village Board, nobody would have even known that I was involved with the issue.  I didn't even make any mention of this issue at all, last week, in Rob Sherman News, so as not to create the appearance of politicizing the issue.

A resolution could have been placed on the agenda of the next Village Board meeting, if desired, and voted upon, all without any hint of my involvement with the process.  That would have been fine by me because, unlike Dirty Tricks Jan, I would never betray the residents of Buffalo Grove by trying to gain political advantage from a matter affecting their health, welfare and safety.

Dirty Tricks Jan also complained, in the Key Issues portion of her Daily Herald Candidate Survey, that Village residents don't get involved enough, in Village affairs, yet when somebody does get involved, Dirty Tricks Jan responds by criticizing, mocking, insulting, ridiculing, finding fault with and secretly back-stabbing the resident.  That's a fine way to encourage other residents to get involved, isn't it, Dirty Tricks Jan?

Not only that.  Dirty Tricks Jan's e-mail reveals, at the bottom of the page, that she sent the e-mail from one of the computers of her private employer, Leonetti & Associates.  The disclaimer, at the bottom of the page, says, among other things, that "All e-mail sent to, or from, a LA employee may be retained, monitored or reviewed by other LA personnel."

That means that all Village Hall e-mails that are sent to or by Jan, regardless of confidentiality, are wide open to anybody with access to the computers of her private employer.  I don't want unknown persons at Leonetti & Associates to have free reign to look at all of the confidential e-mails from Village Hall, such as strictly confidential Minutes of Village Board Executive Sessions.  What right does Dirty Tricks Jan have to carelessly allow confidential Village Hall e-mails to be available to anybody with access to the computers of Leonetti & Associates?

This shows, yet again, how casual and sloppy with security Dirty Tricks Jan is, how incompetent she is, and how unfit to serve as Village Clerk that Dirty Tricks Jan is.

It shows, yet again, why the voters of Buffalo Grove should elect me as your next Village Clerk.

I take security and confidentiality seriously.  Dirty Tricks Jan obviously doesn't.

Not only that.  I respect the residents of Buffalo Grove.  All three of the Candidates Key Issues in Dirty Tricks Jan's Daily Herald Candidate Survey consist of scolding the residents of Buffalo Grove for their perceived inadequacies, so Dirty Tricks Jan obviously does not respect us.  At all!

One last thing.  I was in Springfield, last Wednesday, where I spoke to Representative Chapin Rose (R-110), sponsor of House Bill 1483.  Chapin had already heard from others about the Bill, who had expressed a concern similar to mine.  He has agreed to drop from the Bill the provision pertaining to Farmers' Markets, so our Buffalo Grove Farmers' Markets are safe from both the provisions of HB 1483 and the efforts of Dirty Tricks Jan to stop the Village Board from acting to oppose the Bill.

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