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         March 6, 2011        

Village Clerk fails to keep
confidential e-mail from public

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Buffalo Grove Village Clerk Jan Sirabian has come up with yet another way to fail the public.  This time, she failed to keep confidential an e-mail that was intended to be a secret communication between an elected official and the Village Manager.

A resident sent an e-mail, last week, to Village Manager Dane Bragg, asking that the Village Board consider adopting, at the March 7th Village Board meeting, a resolution opposing a Bill that is pending before the Illinois General Assembly.  The Bill, if adopted in its original form, would harm the residents of Buffalo Grove by seriously endangering their health and welfare.

Village Clerk Sirabian attempted to send an e-mail to the Village Manager in which she secretly sought to block the resident from having this significant matter of Village business heard by the Board.  In addition, her e-mail insulted, mocked and ridiculed the resident for asking.

However, instead of sending the e-mail to the Village Manager, Jan inadvertently sent the e-mail criticizing the resident to none other than the resident who had quietly and discreetly made the request of the Village Manager!  Not only that, the Village Manager never even got Jan's e-mail, until the resident personally handed a copy of Jan's offensive, irresponsible and unprofessional e-mail to him.

OOPS, Jan!  Edwina Corso would never have screwed up like that.  As Arlene Mulder recently said, "Neighboring communities might have trouble finding documents, but that doesn't happen in Arlington Heights."  Jan, you're the laughing stock of suburban Village Clerks!  It's well past time to retire, Jan.

The two most important jobs of a Village Clerk are taking Minutes that provide a "summary of discussion," and safeguarding Village documents so that they neither get lost nor get leaked to the public.  I've told you previously how Jan has repeatedly failed to provide Minutes that reveal, rather than conceal.  Now, in a shocking display of incompetence, sloppiness, clumsiness, carelessness and totally unprofessional conduct, Jan has failed at safeguarding a very sensitive Village document.

Dirty Tricks Jan has shown that she can't be trusted to do the job competently.  She certainly just showed that she can't be trusted to keep confidential Village documents from leaking to the public.  Quick, Dirty Tricks Jan, retire before you accidentally reveal any more confidential Village documents to the public!

So, who was this resident?  What did the resident's e-mail say?  What was the health issue that the resident sought to bring before the Village Board, and what did Dirty Tricks Jan, my opponent in next month's Village Clerk election, say to secretly try to sabotage the efforts of this resident to have important business heard by the Village Board?

That's the subject of my next edition of Rob Sherman News.

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