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         February 23, 2011        

Village Clerk rips Buffalo Grove
residents for not turning out to vote

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Oh, no!  She did it, again!

Janet Sirabian, the incumbent Buffalo Grove Village Clerk, answered her candidate survey from the Daily Herald by saying that all three of her top campaign priorities were for the residents of Buffalo Grove to behave themselves better.  Now, Jan is ripping us for not turning out to vote in large enough numbers on Election Day.

We sure can fix that one, can't we?  We can fix that one by voting for Rob Sherman for Village Clerk in Early Voting, beginning March 14th, or on Election Day, which is April 5th.

Rob Sherman                                     Jan Sirabian

Earlier this month in Rob Sherman News, I told you how Jan said, when she and I were at an endorsement interview at the Daily Herald, that the reason so few Buffalo Grove residents run for public office is that Buffalo Grove residents are lazy.  I also told you how Jan found fault with us for not volunteering enough.  Apparently, Jan thinks we're too lazy to do that, too, despite the fact that living our productive suburban lifestyles and meeting our immense financial obligations consume huge amounts of our time.

Now, Jan says that her #1 campaign issue is that not enough of us naughty, irresponsible and lazy residents of Buffalo Grove turn out to vote on Election Day.

No, Jan!  That's not what the Daily Herald meant by, "What are your top 3 campaign issues?"  They meant:  What would you have the Office of Village Clerk do differently, or better, if you got elected -- not what should the bad, bad, residents of Buffalo Grove do differently or better, regardless of whether you or I get elected to be the next Village Clerk of Buffalo Grove.

Let me give you some examples of what I'm talking about, Jan.  In the answers to my candidate survey from the Daily Herald, I said that my top 3 campaign issues were:

My campaign issues are real public service-related priorities, Jan, not the mean, angry, purported "campaign issues" that you presented.

You just don't get it, do you, Jan?  With your attitude, you really should simply retire now and withdraw from the race, before you embarrass yourself any further.  I'll even volunteer to fill in for you, for the rest of the term, to get an early start on a full term as Buffalo Grove Village Clerk.

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