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         February 21, 2011        

Village Clerk criticizes Buffalo Grove residents
again, this time for not volunteering enough

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First, Buffalo Grove Village Clerk Jan Sirabian criticized us for being too lazy.  Now, Jan has attacked us for supposedly not volunteering, enough.

What else is wrong with us, Jan?

Rob Sherman                                     Jan Sirabian

The Daily Herald recently conducted candidate surveys for the local offices that are up for election in April, including my race for Buffalo Grove Village Clerk against Jan.  Here's a link to Jan's responses and a link to my responses.

Ordinarily, a candidate for public office, such as myself, would never mention even the name of one's opponent, let alone provide you with information about the opponent, but the more you know about Jan, the less likely you are to vote for her and the more likely you are to vote for me.

One set of questions in the Daily Herald candidate survey asks the candidates what their top three campaign issues are.  According to Jan, one of her top three campaign issues is to scold Buffalo Grove residents for not volunteering enough in the community.

First of all, Jan, that survey question asks what you are going to do, if elected, to make Buffalo Grove a better place to live and work, not what you think the rest of us ought to be doing, after the election, to behave ourselves better.

Secondly, how do you know anything about whether or not the rest of us are volunteering in the community, or how many of us are volunteering?

How dare you accuse us of not volunteering in the community?  Just because we are not volunteering within a program run by government, where you can keep score, doesn't mean that we're not volunteering in the community.  There are numerous ways in which countless wonderful Buffalo Grove residents are involved as volunteers, whether it's doing tutoring, caring for an elderly relative or involvement with a civic organization such as Lions Club or the American Red Cross.

Just because you're not aware of it, Jan, doesn't mean that we're not doing it.

Thirdly, since you think that it's a problem, what are you proposing to do about it as Village Clerk?  Nothing!  You are proposing absolutely nothing, but that's what the candidate survey was all about:  If elected, what are you going to do to make our community better, not what the rest of us naughty, irresponsible citizens are supposed to do to behave better.

In response to your latest unjust attack on the residents of Buffalo Grove, here's what I will do as Village Clerk to increase volunteerism in the community:  I will create an Office of Village Clerk data base of non-profit organizations looking for volunteers and what volunteer positions they are looking to fill, as well as a data base of Buffalo Grove's fine residents who are looking for volunteer opportunities and the types of volunteer work that they are offering to do.

The Village of Buffalo Grove has a Talent Bank program, but that's just for volunteering within government.  There is no program within Village Hall to connect willing volunteers with needy organizations outside of government, other than a very limited and obscure program pertaining to shoveling and lawn care. 

Jan, you've been Village Clerk for 32 years and you have never set up a program linking volunteers to outside organizations and linking outside organizations to willing volunteers, yet you have the gall to criticize us for not volunteering enough in the community.  How dare you, Jan?

What are you doing about it, Jan?  That's what the question in the Daily Herald about Campaign issues was all about:  Not what we're doing wrong but, rather, what are you going to do to make our lives better?

You have spent more time criticizing us that you have in solving the problem.  That's the difference that I want the voters to see between you and me:  You criticize us for perceived problems.  I come up with solutions to those problems.

The bottom line is this:  I'm full of ideas.  You're just full of it.

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