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         December 29, 2010        

Rob Sherman wins the lottery!

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A lottery was held at last week's Buffalo Grove Village Board meeting to see who would get the top spot on the ballot in next year's Village Clerk election, and I won!

Two ping-pong balls, one with the Number 1 and one with the Number 2 on it, were placed in a small bucket.  I turned my back, reached behind me into the bucket and pulled out the ball with Number 1 on it.  I won!  I won!

This is important because there are some people who, when voting, look at the top name on the ballot and, if they like that name, vote for that person.  They never even get to the point of looking at the second name.

This is good for me.  It increases the chances that I'll win on April 5th.

Be sure to vote.  Early Voting begins in a little more than two months, on March 14th. 

Early Voting means that you never, again, will have to vote in a church, if that's where your Election Day precinct polling place is located.  Mine is in a church, but since I now always vote early, I get to vote at Wheeling Township Hall, a very nice secular facility.

There's nothing wrong with a precinct polling place being located in a church.  It's a building that is located within the community, so deal with it.  We all thank them for making their facility available to the residents of the neighborhood for this important civic event.

It's just that I'd rather not go inside a church if I don't have to.  With Early Voting, I don't have to go inside a church, any more, to vote.

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