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         October 14, 2010        

Village Clerk says losing keys
to Village Hall is no big deal

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One clear difference has already emerged in the race for Village Clerk in Buffalo Grove between Rob Sherman and 31-year incumbent Jan Sirabian.

In a Daily Herald story published on Tuesday, entitled Atheist activist Rob Sherman to challenge Buffalo Grove clerk, Jan is quoted as saying, “I think we have all lost our keys at some point in our lives," adding “there was no reason to change the locks at village hall, since the keys probably are in a landfill somewhere."

Jan Sirabian and Rob Sherman, as pictured in
the Daily Herald on October 12, 2010, in their story
Atheist activist Rob Sherman to challenge Buffalo Grove clerk.

I, on the other hand, recognize that losing your keys to Village Hall is a really big deal, and matters a lot.  The reasons are that the security of a lot of confidential, personal information, and the security of a lot of expensive assets, are at stake.

The most important reason is that there is a lot of very sensitive information stored at Village Hall.  Home addresses of police officers and confidential aspects of employee payroll records, such as the social security numbers of all Village employees, may be stored, there.  Do you think that our cops are amused that our Village Clerk is so casual about keeping secure their private information?

A lot of financial records of various types, including residents' checking account numbers and credit card numbers, may be stored.  As an example, some residents are set up for automatic payment of their water bill.  The names of the residents' banks and their checking account or credit card numbers upon which to automatically draw the payments are stored there.  Do you think that those residents want access to that information floating around, with the Village Clerk not taking that breach of security seriously?

Access to confidential information about residents and Village employees should not be regarded as a casual matter by the person who literally holds the keys to Village Hall.

I take those matters extremely seriously.

In addition, we taxpayers have paid a lot of money for the equipment, electronics and furniture at Village Hall, as well as for that beautiful building, itself.  That stuff could be stolen or the property vandalized if the person who finds the keys happens to know who lost them, perhaps by seeing Jan carelessly leaving the keys behind, and recognizes the keys as being the ones for Village Hall.

When a keyholder loses her keys to any building, the locks MUST be changed immediately.  If the lost keys are the ones to Village Hall, a police officer should be posted at the door, during the hours when Village Hall is closed, until the locks get changed, to make sure that the building, its contents and the sensitive information stored there are all kept secure.

You just can't go casually taking a chance that nothing will happen.  Doing so is an unconscionable betrayal of the public trust.

The incumbent Village Clerk says that holding onto her keys to Village Hall is not a big deal.  Even in this day and age, Jan does not take seriously the security of a government facility as important as Village Hall.

I do.

Think about that, next April, when you vote in the Municipal Election.  Who's position do you agree with?

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