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         May 12, 2010        

Sherman to discuss stolen Mojave Desert cross
on Michael Medved's national radio show today

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Patriots have stopped a crime against the Constitution, this week.  The notorious Mojave Desert cross has been removed from where Christians had illegally planted it at a prominent location on public land in California.

I will be leading the celebration of this victory for the Constitution at 3 p.m. Chicago time on today's (Wednesday's) Michael Medved Show, which is nationally syndicated on both Christian and secular radio stations across the country.  Click here to find out which radio station is closest to your location.  In the Chicago area, listen on WIND-AM 560 and WYLL-AM 1160, Elk Grove Village, and WKRS-AM 1220 Waukegan.  You can also listen live from Michael's web site.

In addition, many radio stations play the show on a taped delay basis, so the broadcast time in your area could be at any hour of the day or night.

Many Christians are shocked ... Shocked, I tell you! ... that the illegally planted cross is no longer desecrating public land, but the cross should never have been there, to begin with.  It's yet another example of inappropriate, in-your-face religion by Constitution-hating Christers who, like a pack of rabid dogs, seek to leave their mark on every prominent piece of public land that they can find by peeing on it to claim it as their very own.  All that they leave behind, however, is a big mess.

Don't we atheists have just as much right to prominent pieces of public land as Christians do?  How do you suppose Christians would react if atheists started attaching messages promoting our theological perspective to prominent pieces of public land, for the purpose of implying that the government endorses our beliefs?  How long do you think Christians would allow that to go on?  How do you think God would react? 

The real message, however, of the disappearing cross, is that America has no confidence, any more, in the Supreme Court of the United States.  The Supreme Court simply has no credibility, whatsoever.

Two weeks ago, five Supreme Court justices, all of who just happened to be Roman Catholic Christians, held that a Latin cross is not the central symbol of the Christian religion.  Rather, they said, the cross merely provides historical recognition of the sacrifice of American soldiers who died in war.  That's what's known in legal circles as a "sham purpose."  What a bunch of BS!

That's the same type of crap that conservative Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly tried to pull in federal court, regarding the notorious Illinois Student Prayer Act.  They passed a law that forced all public school teachers to stop teaching during instructional time so that kids could pray during class without being interrupted by what they are supposed to be doing in class.  When my daughter and I successfully challenged that law on constitutional grounds, the defenders of the statute claimed that the law had nothing to do with trying to sneak prayer into the public school classroom.  Rather, they affirmed, the law was passed to cut down on school violence.  Yeah, that's it!  The Student Prayer Act is about cutting down on school violence, not about trying to cram religion down the throats of our little darlings.

So, the theft of the cross is all about the complete loss of credibility of the US Supreme Court.  Patriotic Americans now know that, if they have a legal dispute, they have to take the law into their own hands, just as the patriots in the Mojave Desert did, because our court system is a House of Fraud and a meaningless farce. 

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