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Updated August 10, 2015

Rob Sherman is a noted airplane construction engineer, a famous retired radio talk show host and one of the most effective social justice activists in the Midwest.

Celeste and Rob Sherman in their Zenith CH-601 airplane

My social advocacy organization is called Rob Sherman Advocacy, which fights injustice, one victory at a time.  I challenge those injustices that nobody else is taking on, most prominently but not limited to the civil rights of atheists, state/church separation and the need for lap/shoulder seat belts on school busses.

My fame results from my success in getting many practices by government and private business changed without going to court.  My effectiveness results from my spotless reputation and from my ability to politely but firmly identify differences between the positive intent of public or private policy and the negative effect that those policies inadvertently have.  By offering constructive solutions that would result in a positive effect while addressing the economic impact of those changes, and by working with government officials and business leaders rather than issuing press releases that criticize them or their policies, I have become highly regarded for my effectiveness while maintaining an impeccable and flawless personal reputation.

To generate revenue, I write Rob Sherman News and build Light Sport airplanes.  Rob Sherman News presents stories about the hot social and political issues of the day and regularly exposes government by scam.  It is a news source that is presented without the annoyance and harassment of advertising pop-ups or pop-unders and without spyware cookies invading your privacy.  "In Rob We Trust" and the coin logo were created by ChicagoNow for the blog that I previously wrote for them at Chicago Tribune Media Group.  Thank you to ChicagoNow and CTMG for allowing me to carry forward "In Rob We Trust" to Rob Sherman News.

I was the Green Party of Illinois candidate for State Representative for the 53rd District of Illinois in 2008, when I warned, way back then, that Illinois was facing fiscal catastrophe.  That was seven years ago, but nobody listened, then.  Look where we are, now.  In 2012, I was the Cook County Green Party Chairman.

I retired in 2007 from being the Morning Drive host of the Rob Sherman Show on AM 1530 WJJG Chicago, weekday mornings from 7 to 8 a.m.  The shows featured newsmaker interviews with blockbuster guests, discussing the hot social and political issues of the day, and the Chicago area's favorite personalities from rock and roll.

Rob Sherman Advocacy challenges state/church separation violations, secures the civil rights of atheists, and lobbies government officials to end a wide array of unjust practices, such as the need for lap/shoulder seat belts on school busses, making grants of tax dollars to the religious organizations which are run by our legislators, and ending gender discrimination in appointments to government boards.  "Fighting injustice, one victory at a time."

The Chicago Tribune has named me to their A-list as one of the most influential movers and shakers in the Chicago area.  In addition, the Chicago Sun-Times has repeatedly included my radio show in their Radio Highlights.

I am a frequent guest speaker, throughout the nation, on radio and television talk shows, where I'm known as the "Prince of Sound Bites," at public and private high schools, colleges and universities, and at civic organizations and houses of worship.

Dinner at the former Le Titi de Paris French Restaurant in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a few years ago.

I'm 62 years old.  Celeste, pictured above, is my wife.  She still looks like she's 19, but is actually a little older than that, maybe.  We have been happily married for over 36 years.  Notice how Celeste doesn't have any gray hair?  That's because of the wonderful, stress-free marriage that I have provide her.  Did I mention that she is the most intelligent and awesome person that I have ever met in my life?  And you thought that I married her only because she is the most gorgeous woman who has ever walked on the face of the planet.  There actually are many other reasons in addition to that.

Cruising the Illinois River on the Spirit of Peoria, Summer 2010.

Our thirty-three-year-old son, Richard, is the Vice President of Ferrum Technology Services.  Richard retired several years ago from teaching science in public high schools.  He now makes more money in a month at his private business than he made in a year teaching.

Our twenty-two-year-old daughter, Dawn, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  She now is a medical researcher in Madison and planning her post-graduate education.  In September, 2007, Dawn got God banned from homecoming at Buffalo Grove High School.  One month later, Dawn sued to stop the unconstitutional mandatory student prayer law in public schools.

We have lived in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, for thirty-one years.  Our house is located twenty-five miles northwest of downtown Chicago and ten miles northwest of O'Hare Airport.

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