Rob Sherman Advocacy         

May 25 , 2006

Bush Documents Published Regarding Bush's
"Atheists Should Not Be Regarded as Citizens" Quote

     For nineteen years, many concerned Americans, from conservative Christians to liberal atheists, have questioned the credibility of my claim that Vice President Bush told me at an O'Hare Airport news conference on August 27, 1987, that atheists should not be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic, because this is "One Nation under God."  Background

      Two years ago, I found out that many documents regarding my interview of Mr. Bush were on file in the Bush Presidential Library in Texas.  These documents included letters exchanged between Jon Garth Murray, the late President of American Atheists, and White House counsel C. Boyden Gray, as well as letters sent by others to the White House objecting to Mr. Bush's public expression of anti-atheist bigotry.

      In February, 2004, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for copies of the documents.  An archivist at the library responded that, due to the volume of requests and the research required, it would take about two years to get back to me.

      On March 31, 2006, I received this eleven-page first fax from the Bush Library.

      Then, on April 10, 2006, I received this twenty-one page second fax from the Bush Library.

      The archivist stated in the text of the second cover page that more documents will be sent to me when available.

      These documents prove, irrefutably and overwhelmingly, that the conversation between Mr. Bush and myself did take place exactly as I have always described it.  Mr. Grey would not have defended Mr. Bush's comments if the conversation had not taken place.

      Some people may still want to believe that the conversation didn't take place or may find it politically inconvenient to acknowledge that Mr. Bush is an anti-atheist bigot who publicly expressed his bigotry in this manner, but now that the documents have been both published here and are readily available at the Bush Library, there is no longer any justification for asserting that my version of the facts are unreliable.

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, or if you want clarification on what certain of the documents represent, you are welcome to contact me at or call me at (847) 870-0700, rather than relying on speculative comments in chat rooms by people who don't know what they're talking about because they have never bothered to check the facts, either by contacting me, contacting the Bush Presidential Library or doing other research.