Rob Sherman for Congress
12th Congressional District of Illinois


Sherman announces for 12th District Congress in 2018

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rob Sherman will bring his message of capitalism, jobs and secular government to Southernmost Illinois during the 2018 Primary Election as a Green Party candidate for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois.  The 12th District stretches from Alton to Mount Vernon, from East St. Louis to Cairo and includes Carbondale.

My top three issues in the 12th District are preserving jobs for coal miners, developing new jobs for those who are out of work and making the right decision on whether a new Interstate Highway, the Shawnee Parkway also to be known as Interstate 66, should be built.

Coal miners don't care if they stay in the mines or get new, good paying jobs doing something else.  What they really care about is to be able to support their families by working at good paying jobs.  I will work with the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to find the most environmentally friendly ways, if any, to continue using Southern Illinois coal.  In addition, I will work with the US Department of Commerce and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to identify industries that could prosper by locating in Southernmost Illinois, identify sites that would work for those industries, make sure tax policies enable those industries to locate in Southernmost Illinois, make sure that coal miners and those out of work are able to get the training they need to work in those new jobs, and then sell those industries on building new plants to utilize the smart and talented workforce that is in Southernmost Illinois.

As for the Shawnee Parkway, there is significant opposition to building the road from the locals, for environmental and cultural reasons, despite the fact that there is only one east-west highway, Illinois Route 146, in the 55-mile stretch between Illinois Route 13, which goes through Carbondale, and US Routes 60 and 62, which go through Cairo, Illinois, as well as extending east through Kentucky and west through Missouri.  The reality is that many industries won't locate in any part of the country which does not have ready access to an Interstate Highway.  The final decision on building the Shawnee Parkway, however, must remain in the hands of the people of Southernmost Illinois instead of being dictated to them by bureaucrats who think that they know better.  When Southern Illinoisans decide what they want, I will make sure that what they want is what happens.

I am very well known in Southernmost Illinois and have spent significant time, there, so I should win the 2018 Green Party Primary Election and then win a seat in Congress at the General Election on November 6, 2018.

The 12th District includes the Bald Knob Cross, where I battled, beginning in 2010, to stop an unconstitutional $20,000 grant by the State of Illinois to Friends of the Cross.  The grant was to force us taxpayers to pay for the rebuilding of their Christian monument. The United States Supreme Court eventually decided, on January 22, 2013, to not hear my appeal, on the preposterous grounds that, although the Legislative Branch cannot make unconstitutional grants themselves, they supposedly do have "discretion" to make unconstitutional grants if they use an Executive Branch agency as a middleman.

The 12th District is also home to the City of Marion, where I battled 84-year-old "Mayor for Life" Robert Butler over whether a Ten Commandments monument should be erected on the Town Square, to the exclusion of any other religious perspective.  Mayor Butler is actually a nice guy.  He was first elected Mayor in 1963 and is still Mayor, 53 years later.  Mayor Butler will be 90 years old on January 23, 2017.  Happy Birthday, Mayor!  I think I'll make your Town Square the first place that I go to circulate my Nominating Petitions in September, 2017.  That's less than ten months away.

The Southern, the top newspaper in Southernmost Illinois, ran a major profile on me on August 22, 2010.  The people of the 12th Congressional District know all about me.

I emphasize that my message includes an endorsement of capitalism.  Many in the Green Party think that socialism or communism is the way to go.  Wrong!  Communism and socialism are political suicide.  Americans don't want communism or socialism.  I'm a capitalist.  If you live in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois and support capitalism, ask for a Green Party ballot on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, and vote for Rob Sherman for Congress, instead of voting for another Green Party candidate who may be a communist or socialist.

I also emphasize that my message includes an endorsement of secular government for all.  It's time to end religious bullying by the federal government.  We don't tolerate bullying of any other minority group in this country, not even of Muslims, so why is it OK for the federal government to not only tolerate but, in fact, sponsor bullying of those of us who are smart enough to realize that God is make-believe?

I will sponsor legislation to get "In God We Trust" off of our money, remove "One Nation Under God" from our Pledge of Allegiance, eliminate the National Day of Prayer and repeal Christmas as a federal holiday.  After all, atheism is the fastest growing theological perspective in the country, so why should we continue to be criticized, mocked, insulted and ridiculed for being right?

Atheists and other secularists in the 12th Congressional District and across the country have been complaining about these issues for a half century.  Now you have a chance to do something about it by supporting my campaign as a volunteer or with a donation.  If you don't act now to support this opportunity, don't complain, later, when you no longer have a realistic chance to get something done about it.

In the last two elections, The Green Party nominee for Congress in the 12th District only received 6% of the vote.  I thank her for running, but it's time for a new candidate with a fresh message and a new vision who might do better.  There are a handful of Communists and Socialists in the Green Party who surely will be unhappy that a Capitalist like me is running, but I'm running to win.  The only way that those Green Party members could possibly keep me off the ballot is to try to get a court order blocking me from running.  That would be ridiculous, since I'm eligible to run, but maybe they are so desperate to stop me, the "Party of Ballot Access" may try going to court to block me from getting on the ballot.  They know that they are unlikely to defeat me at the polls on Primary Election Day, so they may try going to court to keep me off the ballot.

Let's hope they don't waste Green Party money on that kind of a folly, but you never know with those Communists and Socialists.  Like Communists, everywhere, they prefer that you only have one choice, and that they are the ones who make that choice for you.

Vote for Rob Sherman for Congress in the 12th District of Illinois on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, March 20, 2018.  That's just two weeks before my 65th birthday.  Wow, is that old!


Sherman receives 14,657 votes on Election Day
This is the final vote count for this election

Updated on Tuesday, November 29th at 8 a.m..

Thank you to the 14,657 residents of the 5th Congressional District for endorsing my agenda and me by voting for Rob Sherman for Congress during the 2016 General Election.  With all votes counted from the 584 precincts, including all provisional and absentee ballots, I received 14,657 votes, or 4.67 % of 313,801 votes, including 11,435 votes from 438 precincts in Chicago, 2,181 votes from 79 precincts near O'Hare Airport in suburban Cook County and 1,041 votes from 68 precincts near O'Hare Airport in Dupage County.

There was widespread support for me in every part of the District.  I received votes in every Chicago precinct where the entire precinct is in the 5th Congressional District.

My highest percentage in any one precinct in Chicago was 25% of the vote.  In one of the two Chicago precincts where I received no votes, only two votes were cast for 5th District Congress in the entire precinct.  Similarly, there were only a handful of votes cast for 5th District Congress in the other precinct where I received no votes.  Everybody else in those two precincts live in other Congressional Districts.

The Ward in Chicago where I received the largest number of votes was the 47th Ward, where Nancy Wade, Chairman of the Green Party of Chicago, lives.  Whatever it was that you said about me in your home ward, Nancy, it resulted in me receiving more votes in your ward than in any other Chicago ward.  So, thank you, Nancy, for saying and doing things that inspired voters to vote for me in the 47th Ward in greater numbers than in any other ward in Chicago.

Even though 14,657 votes were not quite enough to win the General Election, this huge number of votes demonstrates widespread support for my agenda of capitalism, secular government and electoral reform.

Congratulations to Democrat Mike Quigley for winning re-election as Congressman from the 5th District of Illinois.  Mike received slightly more votes than I did, which was a little over 200,000 votes.  Mike is a good person.  Mike followed my fine example by running on his own agenda, rather than trying to smear his opponents as so many despicable and unethical politicians, such as Donald Trump, did.  Mike will be an excellent Representative for the 5th District, even though I would have been an even better Representative.

Sherman Wins Primary Election,
is most popular Green Party candidate in Illinois

Rob Sherman won the Green Party Primary Election for Congressman from the 5th Congressional District in Illinois and received more votes than any other Green Party candidate anywhere in Illinois.

With 100% of precincts reporting (585 out of 585),  I received 156 votes, or 59% of votes cast.  My opponent received 108 votes, or 41% of votes cast.  I received 48 more votes than my opponent, which is 44% more votes than my opponent received.

I won big in Chicago and won in the suburbs, too.  In Chicago, I won 144 to 99.  In the suburbs, I won 12 to 9.

Thank you to each and every one of you who voted for me.  This is one election where, in fact, every single vote counted and it did matter that you went to the polls to vote.

In addition, I received the most votes, by far, of any Green Party candidate in the 2016 Primary Election anywhere in Illinois, coming in well ahead of the next most popular candidate, Paula Bradshaw, who won the 12th District Primary Election for Congress with 115 votes, and well ahead of any of the Green Party Committeman candidates who were on the ballot.  Paula is Rich Whitney's wife.  Each congressional district in the state is supposed to have an equal number of residents based on the census taken every ten years.

As your next Congressman from the 5th District of Illinois and as the most popular Green Party candidate anywhere in Illinois, I will make these three issues my top priorities when I take office on January 3rd:


Sun Times photo                Rob with the next President of the United States,                Daily Herald photo
Jill Stein of the Green Party, at the 2016
Green Party National Convention in Houston, Texas.
Photo courtesy of Tyler Henderson of the Alabama Green Party.

Real Change     Dramatic Change

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On March 12th, I was the guest speaker at the College of Complexes in Chicago.
Click here to view the Youtube video of my presentation to the College of Complexes.


Here is my campaign platform:


These three issues are the foundation of my campaign.

Global warming is real.  We need to stop it.  I will sponsor legislation to reduce air and water pollution by big corporations to the greatest extent possible.

I will also sponsor legislation that eliminates any and all tax breaks for big corporations who ship our jobs out of the country or overseas.

We need to stop Debt Dumping, where one group gets a financial benefit while another group gets stuck with the bill.  In particular, we need to stop running up the national debt, which is where government spends money it doesn't have and sticks the bill on people who don't have a vote to stop it, namely our children and the unborn.  I will stop that from happening through strong legislation.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll make these three issues the top priorities of my term in office.



Christians want to put Christ back into Christmas.  I agree.  The way to do that is to get the federal government out of the religion business.  When government does religion, it has to water it down and make it bland and generic in order to pretend that it's secular and constitutional.  Meanwhile, what Christians really want is a robust Christmas that is all about Jesus and not about retail spending.

Let's put Christians back in charge of Christmas by letting them lead the celebration, rather than having government decide how and when Christmas should be observed.  Besides, not every Christian celebrates Christmas on December 25th.  Orthodox Christians observe Christmas on or about January 7th.

In many conversations about this topic that I have had with Christian voters in the 5th District, they surprisingly agree with me that Christmas would be FAR better off if government would just leave it alone and let the Christians decide when and how it should be celebrated.  In addition, people of other religions and us secular types have long been perplexed as to why the Big Day of white Northern European Christians and white Western European Christians is a legal holiday, but the holidays of other religious traditions are treated as Second Class.

Secular government for all!  State/church separation for everybody!

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll eliminate Christmas as a federal holiday to put Christ back into Christmas and so that all religions, and us secularists, too, are treated equally by the federal government.



Once I get Christmas banned as a federal holiday, labor would be concerned that they've lost a paid day off.  I propose making New Year's Eve a replacement federal holiday called Science Day.

This would have several positive impacts.

First, it would restore the paid day off that would be lost be eliminating Christmas.

Second, we all like three-day weekends, but we love four-day weekends even more.  Currently, there are no federal consecutive day holidays, other than Thanksgiving, but that's not an official two-day holiday.  Making both Science Day and New Year's Day federal holidays, we would ensure four-day weekends almost every year.  In those years when one of those two days is on a Wednesday, I'm sure that most employers would give the day off on either the preceding Monday or the trailing Friday, making a five-day weekend.  Three cheers for that!  When one or both of those two days would occur on the weekend, the holidays would be observed on the Friday and Monday surrounding the holidays.

Third, by designating New Year's Eve as Science Day, we would go from getting stupid on religion to getting smart on science.  That's a good thing!  We could still maintain the tradition of exchanging gifts at the end of the year, only the focus would shift to gifts that would make us smarter, not dumber.

And fourth, by designating Science Day as our federal national gifting holiday, it would extend the holiday shopping season by a whole week, leading to more purchases and boosting the economy even more.  It would also encourage employers to make that day the appropriate time for a big year-end bonus.  Let's do that!

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll make Science Day on New Year's Eve a federal holiday replacement for Christmas, with all of the inclusiveness and fiscal benefits that go with it.




It's time to end religious bullying by the federal government.  We don't tolerate bullying of any other minority group in this country, not even of Muslims, so why is it OK for the federal government to not only tolerate but, in fact, sponsor bullying of those of us who are smart enough to realize that God is make-believe?

I will sponsor legislation to get "In God We Trust" off of our money and "One Nation Under God" out of our Pledge of Allegiance.  After all, atheism is the fastest growing theological perspective in the country, so why should we continue to be criticized, mocked, insulted and ridiculed for being right?

Atheists and other secularists in the 5th Congressional District and across the country have been complaining about these two issues for a half century.  Now you have a chance to do something about it by supporting my campaign as a volunteer or with a donation.  If you don't act now to support this opportunity, don't complain, later, when you no longer have a realistic chance to get something done about it.

Remember:  Iran is one nation under god.  We're one nation under a Constitution!

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll get the anti-atheist religious graffiti off of our money and get the anti-atheist religious editorial removed from our Pledge.




Cadets, officers and civilian staff have been complaining for years about being pressured to convert to evangelical Christianity by Command Staff and other uniformed personnel.  The problem seems to be the worst at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, according to reports that I've read on the Military Religious Freedom Foundation web site.

The Air Force Academy used to display a banner in their football team locker room proclaiming I am a member of Team Jesus.  Now, the players do a Christian prayer circle on the football field before the game while wearing uniforms that were issued to them by the federal government to be used for secular purposes.  This sort of thing provides Muslim extremists with justification for their call for defensive jihad against America and Americans, claiming with a great deal of accuracy that the American military is on a Christian crusade against Islam.

Our uniformed heroes deserve better than to be nagged by Command Staff to get stupid on Jesus in order to be a good soldier.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll eliminate the Christian Taliban from the United States Military by launching a Congressional investigation into unconstitutional proselytizing at the Air Force Academy and anywhere else that it exists in our Armed Forces.



The current roster of federal holidays consists of a lot of commemorative days that really are completely irrelevant to the lives of most people.  For example, Presidents' Day in February has devolved into just a big day for selling appliances, cars and mattresses.  Nobody cares that the third Monday in February is supposed to honor US Presidents.  All anybody cares about is that it's a day off from school or, in some cases, work, and who cares or even remembers the reason why.

I will sponsor legislation to replace our current roster of ten federal holidays with a new set which keeps some of the old but substitutes in a lot of new, more relevant federal holidays.  My list also spreads out the holidays so that no more than one federal holiday occurs each month, unlike with our current set.

Here are the old and proposed new holidays, with my comments, below.  Remember that this is a starting point for discussion:


January 1                                   New Years Day
Third Monday in January            Martin Luther King Birthday
Third Monday in February         George Washington's Birthday (President's Day)
Fourth Monday in May              Memorial Day
July 4th                                      Independence Day
First Monday in September        Labor Day
Second Monday in October       Columbus Day
November 11                            Veteran's Day
Fourth Thursday in November    Thanksgiving
December 25                             Christmas


January 1                                   New Years Day
February 14                               Valentine's Day
First Monday in April                 Baseball Opening Day and Rob Sherman's Birthday (April 2)
First Monday in May                 Mother's Day
First Monday in June                 Father's Day
July 4th                                      Independence Day - Memorial Day - Veteran's Day
First Monday in August             Children's Day
Third Monday in September       Constitution Day (September 17) - Labor Day
Fourth Thursday in November    Thanksgiving
December 31                            Science Day


New Year's Day:  Everybody likes it and observes it, so keep it as one of our national holidays.

There currently are four holidays in honor of named individuals:  King, Washington, Columbus and Jesus.  Most people don't care enough about any of those four to do anything special regarding those people on the designated day, so I propose replacing those holidays with ones that actually are meaningful to most people.  This is not a snub of any of those constituencies.  Rather, if you are one of those who does care about any of those four, you can celebrate it better by doing it yourself, or with your own group, in a way that has meaning to you, instead of competing against the rest of us who are ignoring the day.

Valentine's Day:  The holiday of Love!  Let's make Love the greatest American value by making Valentine's Day a national holiday.  Let's celebrate the love that we have for that special gal or guy in your life, as well as how much we love our neighbors and the members of the diverse demographics in our communities.  While the religious crazies around the world kill each other for not subscribing to their extreme brand of religion, we Americans should set an example to the world of how we love everybody and each other.  Making Valentine's Day a national holiday would do just that.  I love you, Celeste!

Opening Day and Rob Sherman's Birthday on the first Monday in April:  Baseball is America's national pastime.  I've always believed that Opening Day at Wrigley Field (or, for those of you who think in black and white, Comiskey Park) really ought to be a national holiday.  I'll bet Major League Baseball, boys (and many girls, too) in schools across the country and men (and some women, too) who wish they could be there for Opening Day would support this idea.  It would be a day to celebrate the beginning of the baseball season, the beginning of the warm seasons of spring and summer and, of course, my birthday of April 2nd (1953) for being the person who came up with the idea of making Opening Day a national holiday and for coming up with the new roster of federal holidays.

Mother's Day and Father's Day as federal holidays on the first Mondays of May and June:  By making them three-day weekends, more of us would be able to travel to see our mothers and fathers on those three-day weekends.  We all have a mother and most of us have a father, so we all can celebrate this holiday.  By moving the dates to the first Monday of the respective months, we could spread holidays out more evenly through the year.

Combining Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans' Day:  The reality is that most people ignore our veterans on those other two days and just use it as a day off or a day to picnic, go to the beach or to bar-be-que.  Combining those other days with the Fourth of July would make it a widely recognized day for patriotism of all sorts and, in fact, increase recognition of our veterans by linking those days together. That's a good thing, so let's combine patriotism and respect for our veterans all into one day for maximum impact and recognition.

Children's Day:  We love our children but we don't yet respect them, enough, to have a national holiday in their honor.  Before we ship them off to school for another year in early to mid-August, let's have a final fling, just for them and in their honor.  We love you, kids.  Now, go back to school and learn something so that you can get a job and pay taxes when you grow up and so you can support us in our old age.

Constitution Day and Labor Day combined:  Constitution Day (the birth of the United States Constitution) is September 17th.  Did you even know?  Probably not.  We are One Nation under a Constitution, not one nation under some make-believe deity-parent.  It is because of our Constitution that we have the labor freedoms and opportunities that we have in this country, so let's combine together the celebration of those two days.  Another benefit of moving the celebration closer to September 17th by doing the observance on the third Monday of September is that we can effectively extend the celebration of summer by two whole weeks.  Two extra weeks of summer.  Isn't that a great idea?  Who needs God to make summer last longer when you've got Rob Sherman?

Thanksgiving is the day that we give thanks to all of our farmers for growing all of our food so that we don't starve to death.  Everybody observes Thanksgiving, so it is still relevant.  Therefore, we should keep it.  Besides, making dramatic change is more acceptable when we keep some of the old tradition.

Christmas:  Eliminating Christmas as a federal holiday is discussed in a separate section near the top of this page.  It's time to move past the period in which one person's religion gets special, favored treatment by the government and everybody else gets treated like Second Class citizens.  Christmas only became a federal holiday in 1870.  150 years of that is enough.

Science Day on New Year's Eve.  This was also discussed in a separate section near the top of this page.  Let's get smart on science instead of getting stupid on religion.  Let's extend the holiday shopping season by one week and include everybody in the celebration by making the last holiday of the year a secular event instead of a religious one.  If either Science Day or New Years Day falls on the weekend, the observance would occur on the preceding Friday of following Monday.  Let's have one guaranteed four-day weekend each year where we will have an even better opportunity to travel and see the family.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll sponsor legislation to make my suggestions the new roster of federal holidays.  Send me e-mail with your ideas, modifications or your own list of what you'd like to see as the roster of ten federal holidays.  It needs to be ten because Labor would never agree to a reduction in the current quantity of ten federal holidays and Management would never agree to an increase in the number of federal holidays.  



One of the worst things about politicians is that they all seem to have mastered the art of nagging you, incessantly, for campaign contributions.  They will send you an e-mail with a Subject Line about a public policy issue, but when you open the e-mail, you discover that the real reason they sent you the e-mail was to manipulate your emotions into getting you to make a donation.

Once you make a donation to a candidate for public office, no matter how small, you end up on their sucker list to receive non-stop e-mail donation nags.  The public policy matter referred to in the Subject Line of their e-mail is irrelevant.  All they really care about is squeezing you for money.

When I am in Washington as your United States Congressman, my focus will be on legislating, not fund raising.  When I campaign for re-election, I won't need to nag you for money because my accomplishments will speak for themselves, and you can find out anything that you want to know about me or my position on issues from my campaign web site.

Wouldn't it be great to have just one elected representative who is more interested in legislating than fund raising?

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll NEVER send you an e-mail donation nag.  Sure, I hope that you donate to my campaign, and at the bottom of this web page is information on how to do it, but you can be certain that any time I send you an e-mail, it will be about a substantive matter and not a trick to manipulate you into donating money to my campaign.



I will lower your taxes by replacing the income tax with a consumption tax.  Here's why your taxes will be lower:

If you spend $20,000 in a year, you would pay a consumption tax (value added tax or federal sales tax) on $20,000 worth of purchases.  If a rich person spends half a million dollars in a year, he or she would pay consumption taxes on $500,000 worth of purchases.  No wiggling out of it with exemptions.  No evading taxes with accounting tricks or lawyer tricks, like shifting income or profits overseas.  Since rich people could no longer evade the taxes that the rest of us pay, this would ensure that the wealthy really do pay their fair share and we pay less because we aren't paying their share, any more.

This would also end the nightmare and the con games related to filing income tax returns.  The Cayman Islands have no income tax.  They use the value added tax, instead, and have no problem getting everybody to pay their fair share in a simple, understandable and fair way that doesn't consume huge quantities of your time.  We should adopt their system.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll get rid of the income tax nightmare and replace it with a much more fair national consumption tax that would cost ordinary Americans like us far less in both money and time.



Wow!  Where did that come from?  My friend, Steve Hindi of SHARK, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, has spent his entire adult lifetime investigating and documenting how cowards use extremely painful electric prods, on the sneak and supposedly in violation of rodeo guidelines, to get animals, large and small, to "perform" involuntarily at rodeos.  Many animals ending up getting injured, some fatally.  Local authorities generally refuse to do anything about it because they are in bed with the rodeo promoters so that the local government can get a piece of the action (meaning money -- pardon the pun).

Steve has shown how cute and adorable, but often dehydrated and emaciated, birdies are launched into the sky at pigeon shoots so that psychopath respectable citizens with rifles can blast them to death to gratify their sick-o lusts, instead of using clay pigeons like civilized people do.

In bull riding, the bulls aren't bucking to throw the rider off because it's a fun way to entertain children in the grandstands.  The bulls are bucking because they are in agony.  According to Steve, a flank strap is wrapped around the groin area of bulls to get them to buck.  While the flank strap is not around their genitals, it is extremely unbearable and painful.  That is why they buck, even if they are not shocked with a prod.  As soon as the torture strap is released, the bulls go back to normal and walk away, but only to wait to be tortured on another day.

Corporate sponsors pay big money to associate themselves with the animal torture of both rodeos and bull riding.  Steve is doing everything that he can to get people to stop buying the products of these corporate sponsors.

From the Rodeo Cruelty page of the
Showing Animals Respect and Kindness web site

What kind of society are we?  Do we really need to torture and kill animals, any more, to entertain ourselves and our children?

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll end animal abuse for entertainment, nationwide, by sponsoring federal laws to ban rodeos, pigeon shoots and bull riding in this country.  Thousands of birds and animals are suffering and dying for you to vote for me and for you to support my campaign as a volunteer or with a donation.  They thank you, in advance, for doing so.



Compact Legislative Districts
Same Number of Nominating Petition Signatures for All Candidates for the Same Office

I used to be opposed to term limits "because that's what elections are for."  However, incumbents rig the elections by drawing electoral maps to remove their opponents from their local districts.  They do this by creating an island around an opponent's home and then drawing a long narrow strip of land from a far away district to attach to the island that surrounds the home of the opponent.  This puts the opponent in a far away district, where he isn't known, to keep him from running at all, either against the local incumbent or in the far away district where he is unknown.

Another scam that incumbents use to get re-elected is to block opponents from getting on the ballot at all.  They do this by passing a law that requires opponents to get 10 to 20 times as many signatures on their nominating petitions as incumbents are required to get on theirs.  Even if an opponent can somehow overcome this hurdle, he will have used up so much of his volunteers' time and donors' money, just to get on the ballot, that the volunteers and donors would have no time or money left for the actual campaign.  Meanwhile, the incumbent uses almost all of his volunteer time and donations for campaigning.

Elections, therefore, become a meaningless farce, which is exactly what the incumbents have in mind.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll end gerrymandering of election districts by sponsoring legislation that requires compact legislative districts nationwide for all elections at the federal, state and local levels.  I'll also sponsor a law that provides that all candidates for any office, anywhere in the country,  need the same number of nominating petition signatures to get on the ballot as any other candidate for that particular office in that particular district, and a reasonable number of signatures at that.


Term Limits
No Pensions for Legislators

I will sponsor Term Limits legislation that provides for no more than twelve years serving in any one office.  We should have citizen legislatures, including Congress, rather than professional politicians who serve forever just to retain their power and ego.

I will sponsor legislation to ban legislative pensions.  If we had citizen legislatures with a maximum of twelve years in any one office, we wouldn't need legislative pensions.  If you want a pension, get a real job and save your own money for retirement.  In that way, there'd be no reason to hang on to your elected office forever.  Go to the legislature, whether federal, state or local, present your ideas and then move on so that somebody else can present his or her ideas.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll sponsor legislation to limit every politician to no more than twelve years in a particular office, and no pension, either.  If you want a pension, get a real job outside of elective office and earn a pension that way.  Otherwise, save money from your official paycheck and live off of that. 

These election reform issues have long been advocated by the Illinois Green Party and many other progressive individuals and groups, without success.  Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll make them happen.



Yet another scam that incumbents use to get re-elected is to hold elections during the winter.  They do this to hold down the vote by making it as inconvenient as possible to vote in the hopes that supporters of challengers won't bother or won't be able to go to the polls.  Incumbents also do this to make it as inconvenient as possible for challengers to get outside to campaign and introduce their better ideas to prospective voters.

You and I feel that voting and campaigning should be made as convenient as possible, rather than the other way around.  Therefore, I will sponsor legislation to ban elections during winter.  Instead, elections should take during the warm months.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll get a law passed that limits elections, including Primary Elections, to take place only between May 15th and November 15th of each year.  That's six months.  That's plenty of time.  Let's hold our Primary Elections on the first Tuesday in June and our Municipal Elections either then or on the first Tuesday of November in odd numbered years.



I have a real and legitimate plan to reduce the impact of noise on neighbors of O'Hare.  As a licensed pilot, I know what planes, the City of Chicago and the FAA can do to spread the noise out.  Changing the runway setup isn't the way to do it.  Runways are just driveways for airplanes to land on or take off from.

The solution is to significantly increase the array of designated air routes that planes can use after they take off or before they land.  That would move the planes over different regions to distribute the noise more effectively.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and, as a licensed pilot, I'll get the job done to mitigate O'Hare noise.



It's crazy that we don't require lap and shoulder seat belts on school buses, tour buses and motorcoach (Greyhound-type) buses.  So, why are seat belts required, already?  That's because the industry, in an attempt to save money, has mastered the art of lying to decision-makers about the need for seat belts.  They do this by using trick statistics to falsely claim that buses are the safest form of transportation.

The industry bases its claim of safety by comparing how many injuries and deaths occur by mile traveled, rather than on how well their vehicles protect passengers when there is a crash.  Every time there is a side-impact or roll-over collision, everybody gets maimed or killed because we are all loose in the box.

In reality, buses are the LEAST SAFE form of transportation on the roads, today, because what really matters is how well passengers are protected when there is a crash, not how many miles a vehicle typically travels between crashes.  That's why we need seat belts on buses.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll sponsor legislation to require, once and for all, lap and shoulder seat belts on all buses.



Corporations are constantly sneaking spyware into your computer every time you log onto their sites.  They do that so they can monitor your web surfing activities.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll sponsor a federal law to ban corporate spying on your internet usage.



I will aggressively fight global warming by listening to scientists on best practices for reducing air pollution.  Global warming is real and getting worse.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll reduce global warming by passing laws to reduce the air pollution that causes it.



Red light cameras and speed cameras are not about safety.  They are simply revenue scam cameras whose primary goal is to enrich red light camera companies and municipalities.  Any safety benefit is incidental and not the primary purpose for having the cameras.  We don't need them.

Send Rob Sherman to Congress and I'll ban red light cameras and speed cameras, nationwide.


      After I win the Primary Election on March 15, 2016, and the General Election on November 8, 2016, I will go to Washington, D.C., to represent all of the citizens of the 5th District, including all of you who do not have sufficient clout to be treated fairly by government.

      Illinois wants and needs real leadership -- somebody who will go to Washington, D.C., work with everybody and come up with reasonable solutions that can achieve consensus so that we can move forward with our lives.  That leader is Rob Sherman of the Green Party.

      The residents of Illinois are tired of the tricks and scams that government and corporations use to unjustly cancel our rights, steal our money, spy on us and, in many cases, take away our freedom, itself.  We don't have government for the purpose of playing, "Gotcha."  We don't have government for the purpose of enriching the friends, families and the campaign contributors of elected officials.  We want government that will take only the money it needs from us to provide a limited array of services, and then leave us alone.  Don't tell us what opinion to have about religion.  Don't try to micro-manage our lives and, certainly, don't tell us that we have to live our lives just like the majority does and believe what the majority believes, or else we will have our civil rights violated.

      If you want government that provides the services that it is supposed to, at a reasonable cost, and then leaves us alone to live our lives in whatever reasonable manner that each of us sees fit to do, then vote for Rob Sherman for Congress on March 15, 2016.


      I will change federal law in ways to take the least amount of money necessary from you, thus resulting in SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER TAXES for you.  To demonstrate my true frugal nature and how careful that I will be with your money, I designed and created this web site entirely by myself, using the same web page authoring software that I've used for nearly two decades.  It fully gets the job done at the least possible cost.  I fly my own airplane to avoid the cost of airline fees, just as I create my own web pages to avoid the unnecessary cost of paying for web authoring by somebody else.

Celeste and Rob Sherman at Mount Hawley Airport, Peoria, IL.
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